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    Thermal Straightening originated in Japan in 1996 and is the process of permanently straightening curly, wavy, or frizzy hair. By using a chemical process to first break down the hairs “Cystine Bond” within the cortex and then to restructure it into a straight form with the aid of a flat iron. Applying a neutralizer is what keeps the hair permanently straight and only the re-growth will need to be re-straightened in four to six months. The “Yuko” system was the first to be introduced into salons, however over the past few years many other companies have created their own straightening products which include, Liscio, Bi-Ionic’s, Matrix and Rusk to name a few. I have used all of these systems and have found that Matrix performs the best overall. Matrix has developed three strengths allowing the stylist to use a sensitized formula on colored and highlighted hair that may be fragile, a normal formula for a medium wave pattern, and a resistant formula for overly curly and thick hair. Matrix straightening system called Opti Smooth leaves hair feeling soft and smooth and I have had nothing but excellent results each time that I have used it. As of this year I have specialized in thermal straightening for seven years and have gained valuable knowledge along the way. 


    Before and After